Monday, August 1, 2011

Say What You Need to Say

Damn you John Mayer and your catchy pop ballads! Seriously, who do you think you are? You've got life all figured out in three minutes and 50 seconds, don't you?! As infuritaing as it seems to follow the advice of a top-40 radio song, I can't help but wonder if he isn't on to something here. Is it really as simple as just saying what you need to say?

Let's analyze, shall we.

In the song, Mayer repeats the line, "say what you need to say" about 298 times. Repetition is a good way to commit something to memory, so thank you for that.

Talking. It is something that we do naturally on a day to day basis. We talk to friends, family, pets, ourselves, even total strangers for hours on end during the course of a 24 hour span. We talk they listen, then they talk and we listen...or do we really?

On paper, I am a girl of many words. I can somehow take the time to process everything that needs to come out and effectively communicate my point, but when it comes to the art of fine, constructive conversation, the words and thoughts floating through my mind sometimes get lost on their way to my mouth. It is as if my IQ level drops 60 points and all I am left with is a blank stare and lips so numb they find it hard to even form the simplest of sounds.

When I do manage to muster up something, it often comes out sounding like like mental vomit. It's like buyer's remorse. I impulsively shoot off at the mouth then spend all future moments regretting everything that I said to begin with. Open mouth, insert foot, repeat, it is a ridiculous vicious cycle. Let's not forget  that I'm also a giant, sucky cry baby. So you can only imagine what happens next.

It is frustrating not to be able to say what I really need to say at the exact moment that it needs to be said. These late night musings are generally products of something that I have experienced during my day and only after hours of lying awake replaying said verbal disaster over and over again am I able to figure it all out.

"It's better to say too much then never say what you need to say again."

Is it really? I'm not so sure, I mean, I'm pretty good at saying way too much to try to get my point across, doesn't seem to help my cause. Perhaps it is more about timing. I should block out some daily time, preferably under four minutes, to say what I need to say instead of holding it all in waiting for my tragic Rock Operas to make their stunning debuts. You would have thought that I'd have learned a lesson or two by now, as they almost always open to bad reviews.

Ugh, what is the deal? Where is the translation getting lost? Seriously, The Who called, they want "Tommy" back!

Life in a Pop song makes it all look so easy, but it ain't got shit on a good heartbreaker of a Country tune. So John Mayer, you go on and "say what you need to say!" In the meantime, I'll stick with what I know. Just give me a little fire and gasoline and watch me burn like there is no tomorrow.

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